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Pricing for stitching is by the square inch based upon the type of quilting you choose.
How to figure the stitching cost:
Multiply the width x length x price per square inch.

Example: Full Size top - 70” x 80” = 5600 square inches x $0.015 =*$84.00
*There is no separate set-up charge.

Quilting types Described

Medium to Large Meander – Medium to large meander overall. $0.013/sq. inch
Simple PantographPatterns listed by us as “Simple,” the simplest of Edge-to-edge or all over patterns. These cover the whole quilt and work well for quilts that will receive heavy use or are made of “busy” fabrics. $0.015/sq. inch
Complex PantographPatterns listed as “Complex” – or simple patterns that are more densely quilted. $0.02/sq. inch
Panto & 1 Border or Light Custom Quilting – A pantograph in the main part of the quilt with a separate but complementary border/corner pattern(es); or any two patterns. $0.025/sq. inch
Custom Quilting- Any combination of three or more patterns fall into the custom quilting category which may also include light to medium fillers,stitch-in-the ditch,  etc. This will require a free consultation* and quote. $0.035 and up/sq. inch

*Call Kathy at 727-943-5844, or email Grace, our quilt design specialists, will help you choose a design(s) to complement your quilt as well as finalizing your price quote. Custom quilting may require us to see the quilt or a photograph in order to select designs, evaluate the project and give an accurate quote.


Before quilting is started you will be asked to: review the quote and ask questions, then give your approval to proceed based upon the quote. The final price will not exceed the approved quote but may be reduced if time to complete the job was over-estimated.


(rounded to nearest dollar)
  Price Per Sq. In Crib Throw or Lap Twin Double Queen King
Approximate Size 36 x 45 54 x 54 63 x 87 78 x 87 84 x 92 92 x 100
Square Inches 1620 2916 5481 6786 7728 9200
Simple Meander
Medium to large overall
$0.0125 *$20 *$36 $69 $85 $97 $115
Simple Pantograph $0.015 *$24 *$44 $82 $102 $116 $138
Complex Pantograph $0.02 $32 $58 $110 $136 $155 $184
Panto & 1 Border or Light Custom Quilting $0.025 $41 $73 $137 $170 $193 $230
**Custom Quilting $0.035 and up $57 $102 $192 $238 $271 $322
*Minimum Stitching Charge $45.00 (There is NO additional Set-up Charge)
**Call or email our design specialists Kathy or Grace for FREE Consultation and Actual Quote 

Other Quilting Charges
  • $4 to $5 per quilt for first color of non-specialty thread
  • Each additional color of non-specialty thread - $2
  • Variegated and Specialty Threads $6 to $7.50 per color
Quilt Batting Price Chart
Type of Batting Approx. Width Price
Hobbs  80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend 93” width $ 0.22/inch  ($7.92/yd)
Hobbs  80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend 120” width $ 0.29/inch  ($10.44/yd)
Quilters Dream Cotton Natural- Mid Loft 93” width $ 0.28/inch  ($10.08/yd)
Quilters Dream Cotton White- Mid Loft 93” width $ 0.31/inch  ($11.16/yd)
Quilters Dream Cotton White- Mid Loft 122” width $ 0.35/inch  ($12.60/yd)
Other ask for quote

You may supply your own batting; please be sure its label states “suitable for machine quilting.”

Return Shipping: Total shipping cost is about $12-$18 in the continental US for the average quilt.

Shipping: North America and APO addresses

Set-up: Set up is included free as part of stitching cost except for “Basting” service. Mosaic Quilt Block Additional Quilting Services

Binding: Make bias binding with your fabric, Click here to find out how much yardage is needed.

Basting: $20 setup fee and $.005 per square inch.

Quilt Preparation: Pressing, mending, squaring up, trimming threads or other special preparation: $20/hr.

Seam Backing: $10 per Seam to stitch, remove selvedge edges, square backing and press seams open. (Fabric should come pressed, ready to work with.)

Binding Service Price Chart
Level of Service Cost
Prepare Binding for you $0.05 per inch
Binding prepared and machine sewn to quilt front only $0.15 per inch
Binding prepared and machine finished front and back $0.20 per inch
Binding prepared, machine sewn to front and hand finished $0.25 per inch
T-Shirt Quilt Price Chart
Name # of Shirts Approx. Size (W x L) Prices
Lap 12 50" x 66" $245
Stadium 16 66" x 66" $275
Twin 20 66" x 82" $320
Dorm Twin 24 66" x 98" $360
Full / Double 30 82" x 96" $395
Queen 36 96" x 96" $425
King 42 112" x 96" $450
Athelete's Delight 49 112" x 112" $575
GraduationPackage 16 Lap and Pillow $299

Note: All of our T Shirt quilt prices include the materials for the quilt back, sashing and binding, all T-Shirts are stabilized with interfacing and most importantly, quilting.

T-shirt extra charges:
  • Photo included in quilt for $15 per photo transfer.
  • Embroidered Inscription for $15 per line (25 characters).

CUSTOM QUILT Pricing and Terms

The most popular custom quilt is queen size 90x90 with 80/20 blend batting, machine quilted. It will start at $525 including shipping to continental US.

A regular king size 105x105 will start at $599+ and an extra large California king 120x120 will start at $695+.

A twin size 68x86 quilt with 80/20 blend batting machine quilted, will start at $379 including shipping to continental US.

Once the details are settled and a final price agreed upon, we ask for 35% of the final price down, an additional 35% when the top has been completed  and the remainder when the quilt is ready to ship.

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