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  • Do you have a special event coming up and no time?
  • Graduation, Wedding or Anniversary?
  • Just love the pattern but it's beyond your comfort zone?

In addition to our long arm quilting service, we also offer custom quilt making to your design, color and size specifications, from cutting and piecing your top through longarm quilting and binding. When finished, your quilt will be a one-of-a kind masterpiece, a family treasure to pass along through many lifetimes. Using the patterns and fabrics of your choice, we can help you design and make custom quilts for personalized gifts and home decor.

We have hundreds of patterns readily available to create the perfect custom-made quilt for you. The process of creating a custom-made quilt is not at all difficult, but it does require a small investment in time to enable us to completely understand what you desire in your quilt. There are just two simple steps:

First, knowing the name of the quilt pattern is helpful but not absolutely necessary.
You can send us a photo of the quilt pattern you want or draw something that basically shows us what you want made. Our experienced staff can often determine the pattern name by your description. Many of the older, traditional quilt patterns are known commonly by several different names.

Second, is the final process of color selection. If you are wanting a particular shade of a color, you will be asked to mail a paint chip, a swatch of fabric, a drapery tieback, etc., so we can be certain of an exact match. Often our customers will merely specify blue, burgundy, green, etc., without needing a precise color match. If this is your case, we have hundreds of fabrics available and years of experience in making pleasing color combinations.

In order to ensure that we understand precisely the pattern you are wanting, we will send a grid drawing of your quilt pattern will be made. Small swatches of the selected fabrics will be attached to your grid and mailed to you for your approval. Or, if you prefer, you may make your own fabric selections at your local fabric store. We will be pleased to provide you with the precise yardage requirements for each color change in your pattern, and also offer a "fabric credit" toward the cost of your custom quilt.

An embroidered personalizing label can be added if requested.

It's also possible to add photos to your Custom Quilts. We've made quilts that incorporate photos with a traditional patchwork design, appliqued photos onto an already made quilt as well as quilts made with quilt blocks with a variety of photos. We've also incorporated photos, invitations and birth announcements into lap quilts and baby quilts.

Quilting takes considerable time; custom ordered quilts require a minimum of three months to complete. Email Grace with your pattern name or a description if you don't know the name, and the precise quilt measurements.

Once we understand what your custom work entails, we will determine the costs involved and offer an estimate for your approval. Since we do not charge extra for custom orders, you may get a "ball park" figure for your custom quilt in your bed size by visiting our ready-made quilts on the Quilt Store page or by the estimates in the custom quilt examples listed below. You are also welcome to ask for a free, no obligation price estimate.

The most popular custom quilt is queen size 90x90 with 80/20 blend batting, machine quilted. It will start at $525 including shipping to continental US.

An oversized king size 105x95 will start at $599+ and an extra large California king 120x105 will start at $699+.

A twin size 68x86  quilt with 80/20 blend batting machine quilted, will start at $349 including shipping to continental US.

Once the details are settled and a final price agreed upon, we ask for 35% of the final price down, an additional 35% when the top has been completed  and the remainder when the quilt is ready to ship.

We provide photos (photo) during the process so you can see how the quilt is progressing. Any changes made after the original design is approved and priced may result in additional charges.

We return all original photos and other materials when the finished quilt is shipped.

Custom quilts are not refundable or returnable.

The final price given includes shipping to continental US and shipping to a different address in continental US. Additional shipping priced separately.

Reminder: Custom quilts take 3-4 months to complete from when final order details are completed. Please order early for holiday gifts.

Feel Free to Contact Us With Your Custom Quilt Questions

Grace and Kathy are glad to work directly with you, answering your questions and designing your custom quilts.

Our quilting service can also finish quilts for you. See details on the UFO page.

One thing we do not provide at this time is a hand quilting service.

We are your smoke free, pet free, hassle free quilting partners!

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